Quick Help Guide To Home Security

This is office party weekend and, accordingly, the Colorado State Patrol and local law enforcement agencies will be out in force looking for drunk drivers.

Let your home security monitoring company know that you will be on vacation for a few days. Give them a list of contacts in case of an emergency at your home. It's also good to let your local police radio earpieces know that you will be on vacation.

Even when you are locked out of your car or home, you can make a couple of phone calls to your immediate friends to get some quick tips. A locksmith is supposed to verify the credentials of the person calling for his airwave radio. Typically, they ask for identification and see if the person is residing at the same address. If a locksmith is not doing this, be wary of him. It is a sure sign of his lack of integrity. It would be better to stay clear of him.

In the CSI exhibit you go to the crime scene to collect all the evidence go tetra radio to the laboratories to analyze and evaluate and then you'll build your case based on the evidence and what you've discovered about it. Using real scientific principles and the most advanced scientific techniques that crime scene investigators and forensic scientists use today, you'll get insight into what is shown on CSI shows as well as a better understanding of what real crime scene investigators do to build a case to catch criminals.

There's less than one week left! The haunted house opened on October 20 and will be operational today then again opens on October 27 - October 31 (Halloween). Hours of operation are 7 pm to 10 pm on Thursday nights. 7 pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. 7 pm to 11 pm on Sundays.

The Soviets with the IS-2 tank had the largest production tank gun of WW 2 with a 122mm cannon. The IS-2 was the Soviet answer to the German Tiger and King Tiger tanks which had an 88MM cannon. The US built the M-26 Perishing with a 90mm Cannon. Armor during WW2 was mainly steel but Post WW2 the developed of guided missiles and SABOT rounds meant the development of new types of armor. With new armor and larger main guns tanks also got shorter. The closer to the ground a tank was the harder to hit. Vietnam was not a big tank war.

As to where to get all these wonderful high tech toys, have you ever heard of the internet? It's a virtual space that you can access via your computer where you can shop airwave radio for these fantastic gizmos without having to leave your comfy home or office!

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